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Other winter atractions


Dziewczyna na pomoście w górach


Enchanting snowy forests, clear winter air, magnificent mountain views – there is no better way to appreciate the magic of the Alps in winter than on foot.


Drewniany drogowskaz w Alpach


Snowshoe hiking is the best way to access the most secluded and untouched corners of Tirol. It gives visitors a fascinating insight into the magical winter landscape and is a great way to get out and about in the fresh alpine air.


Mężczyzna na rakietkach śnieżnych


Kobieta w lesie na nartach


Nordic skiing is one of the best ways to experience winter in Tirol. Avoid the busy lines and lifts, and go at your own pace through the Alpine wilderness.

Ośnieżone szczyty gór


From toddlers to grandparents, you are never too young or old to whizz down the mountain on a toboggan! Tirol has a wide range of runs for those looking for an alternative to skiing or snowboarding.


Dziecko na sankach


Snow-kiting w Alpach

The pioneers of snowkiting started out with a simple idea: if kiting is fun on water, then why not on snow? This new trend has established itself in Tirol in recent years, with a few regions specialising in this thrilling sport combining power and precision.

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